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Thursday, August 04, 2005

What Kind of Frenchwoman Are You?

For entertainment value, on this pathetic Thursday evening where TV programming is just plain awful....

What Kind of Frenchwoman Are You? Quiz

Me? It says:

You are most like: Audrey Tautou.

Eccentric, humorous and energetic, Audrey Tautou is most famous for playing the lovable and innocent lead character in Amelie. She sets out to enrich the lives of the people who surround her in quirky and mischievous ways, all while searching for her own romance.


At Thu Aug 04, 08:22:00 PM, Anonymous Janet said...

How fun! I took the quiz and I am Juliet Binoche. Audrey Tautou is my favorite girl, though. Wasn't Amelie just wonderful? I could watch it a million times.


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