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Thursday, July 28, 2005

A REALLY important thing

One really important thing you should know about me: I am addicted to shopping. I find that I am relaxed walking through stores and seeing all the colorful items and new things to choose from. It isn't necessarily clothing shopping (though after I lose a few pounds, it may ONLY be about clothing shopping!) No, my problem extends to Grocery Stores, Online Shopping, Home Decor shopping, Stationary shopping (I don't even WRITE letters or notes to friends - what's the point when you've got email???) The list could go on and on.

At any rate - a friend and I were IMing this morning:

K: so did you see there is a shopaholics rehab clinic now
K: in MILAN!!!
K: so it is like if you werent already a shopaholic you will be now
Nora: LOL! I love that!
K: how cruel is that, you get released into the fasion mecca and expected to stay clean? why not just release people from fat camp into a china buffet
Nora: I think that Milan is the perfect arena to cure my addiction ;-)

I suppose there are worse things I could be doing in life than shopping, no?


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