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Friday, July 01, 2005

Fancy This!

Well, I'm back. I tried this whole blog thing a couple of years ago, but apparently didn't have much to say back then. But, now with some great things happening in my life, I figured I'd give it a shot again.

Great things from this past week:

Friday, June 24th: My Birthday - I turned 28! OMG! That was a quick year! Is it me, or do the years go by so much quicker as you get older? (I think I now understand why seniors can sit on the porch and watch the day - to them it's probably done in 20 minutes!) In celebration of this momentous day (I usually celebrate my 'birthday month', but due to high stress and anxiety levels this year over completing my graduate degree, the birth-'day' was all I could really celebrate. My husband was quite happy about this as he didn't have to hear my whining for a whole month, 'But it's my birthday month! How come you won't go out and grab some soft serve with sprinkles at Carvel for me????)....oh yeah, slight side track there for a moment....back to the celebration of the day. The husband was supposed to take a half day at work and we were apartment/cat sitting for a friend in NYC. So, off he goes to work Friday morning, and there I sit with cat trying to figure out where I was going to wander to in the blistering heat and humidity. I couldn't go far because husband said that I was required to be back in the apartment by 1pm. So, I wander to the local creperie and have a yummy crepe for breakfast and read my book. (I know, I know, not exactly written for my age demographic, but I can't help that I love teen and chick lit!) So, after relaxing with my crepe and grapefruit juice, I wander around the streets of Chelsea. As I am walking back, my cell phone rings. I answer and hear the voice of the principal of the school I have interviewed at to teach math. She called to tell me that I GOT THE JOB! My very first teaching job in a district that is fabulous! What could be better than this as a birthday gift????? I told the principal that she made my birthday. After getting off the phone, I try to call husband to let him know. No answer, must be in a meeting. Call my mother (at work and at home), no answer. Hrumph. Leave a message for both husband and mother to call me back as soon as they get the message. Walk back to apartment to get out of yucky heat.

Finally husband calls back.
Husband: Yay! Congrats! That is wonderful! Where are you now and what are you doing? (by now it is 12:20pm)
Me: I am back at the apartment, it is soooo hot out.
Husband: Ok, well don't leave there, you must be there at 1pm.
Me: Ok.
Husband: I must go, I'm on the tram on the way back to the office for another meeting.
Me: Ok, have fun. Love you.
Husband: Love you too.
Hmmm.....incoming text message....reads like this:

"Roses are red,
violets are blue,
you'll need your Lily
to find your next clue.

It's a little known fact,
blossoms get lonesome,
so grab your flowers
and take them back where they came from." husband to inquire whether he has completely gone crazy, but he hasn't. Grab lily and bring to florist.

Shopkeeper: May I help you?
Me: Ummm, I think I'm supposed to pick something up?
Shopkeeper (notices Lily I am holding): Oh, yes! What's your name?
Me: Nora
Shopkeeper: Ahhh yes (grabs huge arrangement of all pink peonies, lilys, roses, and pink pointy flowers that I don't know the name of) These are for you. Your next clue is in the envelope. Enjoy!
Me: Thank You! They are spectacular!
Shopkeeper: Enjoy your day! Happy Birthday!
Next clue (dropped flowers off at apartment first of course):

It's a beautiful day
to take a stroll
so head outside
to find your next goal

I hope you have fun
but first grab a snack
First stop is Billy's,
then you're on track.
Head to Billy's and the girls that work there continue to tell me that I have the cutest and most romantic husband in NY and asked me if he was on Oprah! I told them no, but after this lil stint he might have to be!

Girl grabs next clue and shows me flyer that husband has made featuring picture of me (which I refer to as 'the mugshot') that says:

"Please help me celebrate my wife's birthday 6/24/05 by assisting me in directing a Manhattan adventure. This year I wanted to try something a bit different and send her on a trek around Manhattan, making several stops at some of her favorite places. I'd appreciate it if you could assist me on this by helping her along her way, and assisting her while she's in your store."
Girl says that I need to pick out my birthday cupcake, which I of course, pick vanilla with pink buttercream icing and sprinkles - YUM! Head off on my next adventure with my next clue:

"I know what you're saying to yourself.
This sh*t is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
So head there yourself!"
(gift card to shop for something nice at Banana Republic included with clue)
Off I head following my next clue to Banana Republic. Shop around for a bit and then approach the girl at the counter and tell her that I am there to pick up a 'clue'. Girl looks slightly bewildered, has to call manager to figure out what I am talking about. Manager says, "Oh yes! I met your husband, he's so sweet! Here is your next clue - Happy Birthday!'

Next clue reads:

"Take a break
kick up your feet
head over to 7th
to find your next treat.
Look for a place
to relax & paint your nails
take a deep breath
and put the wind back in your sails."
So, I head to the spa, fully thinking that I am going to get a nice pedicure and my next clue. WRONG! Husband was nice enough to pamper me with a yummy pedi, mani, massage, AND facial! Woah big spender, there goes the house we want to buy someday ;) Though I gladly accepted all the pampering :) After spending approximately 4 hours at the spa, I get my next clue:

"It's been a long day
I hope you had fun
Just one more stop
and then you'll be done.
I'm sure you're tired
I know you're pooped
Go home and rest
for dinner at Mamlouk"
Husband even made dinner reservations for 7pm at Mamlouk's, a middle eastern restaurant in the city.

Seriously, how lucky am I???? .....and exactly how high has he set the bar for future gifts with this lil stint? :)


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